The Amazing Wonder of Rose Hip Oil

Rose hip oil has been used for centuries. One of it’s first uses was to heal burns and lessen scars. The more we learn, the more beauty experts are turning to the healing benefits of natural products as alternatives to synthetics, parabens, phthalates, and chemicals, which are toxic.

When it comes to skin care, rose hip oil’s rich Vitamin C and Vitamin A restore the health of skin, diminishes lines and wrinkles, increase skin clarity, refines skin texture, and promotes an amazing oil-water balance. It also acts as a natural acne and eczema remedy.

Vitamins, anti oxidants, and essential fatty acids which are already present in skin, recognize the natural components of the rose hip oil. This enables you to see immediate results from the rose hip oil, such as reducing fine lines, correcting dark spots, soothing dry, itchy skin, and correcting hormonal aging. It works on a cellular level to rejuvenate skin so that you wake up glowing!!!

Kosmea offers a unique rose hip oil product.

Part of what makes the product unique is the process. Other rose hip oils are cold pressed or are put through a high heat extraction process. Our rose hip oil undergoes a CO2 pressure process, known as critical extraction. Critical extraction does not use heat pressing or chemical solvent.

Our product also uses the entire rose hip – fruit, skin, pulp, and seeds to create a dry oil formula that provides superior quality and richness. The rose hips originate from the mountains of Lesotho and are certified organic meaning that no pesticides or artificial fertilizers are used in their growth process. Best of all, providing the rose hips offers the people of Lesotho a sustainable means of income!


Welcome to the new organic botox!!


Get Glowing!!


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